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Parsley Pesto Hummus (pictured)

Prep Time

10 minutes maximum time

Prep Notes

So this is a “two for one” deal because it starts as a pesto and ends as a hummus.

I am also a pretty lenient recipe maker and if you only have one can of chickpeas, that works perfectly fine (I have done it both ways, it just changes how green it is).

*Also, mix it up, use different herbs and beans, and I love communicating with you, so you can write me on instagram or facebook @beinstinctivelyyou to let me know what you did and how it turned out!*



1 garlic clove

1/2 small red onion

1 bunch of parsley (can also use coriander/cilantro as well!)

1/4 tsp sea salt


1 1/2 cans of chickpeas/garbanzo beans (white beans are great too!) 

1 Tbsp tahini

1/4 tsp turmeric 

Juice of half a lemon


1. Place all ingredients for the pesto in a food processor until a finely sliced and juicy pesto forms.

2. Keep the pesto in the food processor and pour in the hummus ingredients. Season to taste once blended up to a smooth texture!